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Dog Boarding

Your dog will feel right at home in our award-winning, pet care facility. Clean, comfortable kennels, with lots of room to roam outside and to socialize with other pets, your pet will thank you. Qualified and professional staff provide attention and affection to each guest. 

Single Dog, Daily Rate: $25.00

Addl Dog(s), Daily Rate: $20.00

(shared kennel)


Cat Boarding

We offer the very best in cat boarding services.  Your feline baby will enjoy their own spacious, luxury cat condo with full, daily room service.  Kitty will enjoy the company of humans as he spends time outside his condo, roaming the office and climbing the huge cat tree.  Your cat can also enjoy some time outdoors in our fully enclosed catios. 

Cat Boarding, Daily Rate: $15.00 


Play Day

Take advantage of our Doggy/Kitty Play Day. Whether you have a quick business trip for the day or just a busy schedule, your dog will benefit greatly from being cared for and socializing with other dogs during the day. Kitty will be spoiled and loved on all day. 

Single Dog Rate: $20.00   

Addl Dog(s) Rate: $15.00 (shared kennel)

Single Cat Rate: $10.00

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Splash Zone

Water provides a unique enrichment experience for any dog and we are happy to offer it to our guests.  Owners can request individual splash pad sessions when making a reservation online or just ask us to add it to your reservation at check-in. 

Session: $5.00 ea


Dog Bath

After a hard day of playing or in preparation for going home, your furbaby might enjoy a soothing bath, blow and brush.  Just select the appropriate add-on item when placing your boarding reservation. 

Very Lrg : $30.00, Lrg: $25.00,

Med: $20.00, Sml $15.00



If you really love your dog, order them a yummy, frozen, treat-filled Kong to enjoy inside their kennel at bedtime.  Request as many treats as you like when you place your boarding reservation.

Treat: $2.00 ea

My Pet Butler Enrichment Center

At My Pet Butler Enrichment Center, we go beyond the basic care and feeding of animals.   

We partner with pet parents to focus on 4 elements of a pet's development. We provide a safe environment to help pets acquire or sharpen proper socialization skills. We pay attention to both right and wrong behaviors, directing pets accordingly.  The Enrichment Center helps bring out the natural instincts of pets which promote balance within.  We reward and reinforce positive development efforts.  Our mission at the center is to enrich the lives of pets and their families.


About Us

Spencer and Kathy, owners of My Pet Butler

Spencer & Kathy

At My Pet Butler, we understand the need to provide quality, personal care for your pet. We are committed to listening to you and working together to meet the needs of your pet.


You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving lots of attention, affection and care. With our on-site management, your pets will always be attended to in our clean, safe, comfortable kennels.


As an Air Force veteran, I stand on integrity and excellence when it comes to caring for pets and providing a world-class customer service experience. We want to exceed your expectations and have you tell everyone you know about our great services.


My Pet Butler exists to provide for the well being of pets and their owners. Offering professional pet care services that promote a stable, healthy environment, resulting in a stronger, happier relationship with pet and owner.  We are committed to providing an excellent customer service experience, thereby retaining our clients and ensuring that the best interest of the pet and owner are served.



My Pet Butler’s goal is to be a leader and example for others in the pet care industry. We aim to provide clear and concise information that will help guide pet owners to make right decisions when it comes to the care and well being of their pets. We will stand on honesty and integrity ensuring full accountability and transparency in every transaction. We strive to provide top quality service at a fair price.



My Pet Butler is committed to being the hallmark of quality and service by upholding the highest standards of integrity, dependability, care, concern and commitment. We will plan and work hard to avoid mistakes, but when something is wrong, we will work with each client to make things right. "At Your Service" is more than just at tag line, it is our core value.

Our Address
Business Hours

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6817 Maple St

Abilene, TX 79602


Ph: 325-201-8311



Monday - Saturday

8-11am, 3-6pm

Closed: 3rd Weekend of Each Month

Going Out of Business: 8/28/22

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My Pet Butler is located 1/2 mile south of

Loop 322, across from Lake Kirby Park. 

Look for our sign at the end of the driveway.

My Pet Butler facilities are powered by

100% renewable energy.


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