Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you licensed to provide pet care?

A:  Currently, the state of Texas does not have a licensing program for pet boarding facilities, however, My Pet Butler is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is a member of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA) which provide strict rules for business and boarding practices.

Q: Do I pay for boarding by the night or day?

A: We charge a daily rate rather than by the night like a hotel, this gives you the freedom to drop off and pick up your pet when you want to during business hours.  When you make a reservation you are reserving a kennel for an entire day so we charge by the day.  (ex. Fri, Sat, Sun = 3 days of boarding)

Q: What will my dog do all day?

A: We provide professional pet care services so your pets will be cared for by some of the most qualified and caring individuals.  We are an off-leash facility which means we allow dogs to be dogs in a controlled environment.  Our guests enjoy five 30-45min play sessions, outside, with other dogs, in supervised play groups.  Dogs can play with other dogs or they can play fetch and tug with loving humans.  When not outside, our guests rest comfortably in their clean, spacious, climate controlled kennels.

Q: What must I bring with my pet?

A: We ask owners to provide all the food necessary for their pet's stay since boarding a pet can cause stress and keeping the diet the same helps with any tummy issues that may arise.  You can bring your dog's bed, blanket, or other comfort items.  You are welcome to bring some favorite treats and toys for inside the kennel, but we ask that you refrain from bringing rawhide as it can become a target for other dogs. 

Q: What vaccinations must my pet have?

A: You can check our "policies" page for this information but basically all that is required is the pet's annual vaccinations plus bordetella (kennel cough) for dogs.  We will ask to see the vaccination records the first time you board your pet with us.

Q: Will someone always be available to my pet?

A: Our boarding facility is located on our property, so unlike other kennels, we are always here.  We also conduct remote monitoring via cameras that are setup in the kennels and accessible via the internet.

Q: Do you board pit bulls?

A: While we do not refuse service based on breed, we do and have refused service based on behavior.  We will not and cannot tolerate chronic and uncontrollable behaviors that put us or our guests at risk or cause added stress.

Q: Do you board puppies?

A: Young dogs benefit greatly for early socialization with people and other dogs, so we do welcome puppies for that reason.  However, puppies must be fully vaccinated and somewhat house trained.

Q: Can my dogs be kenneled together?

A: We do allow family groups of dogs to be kenneled together as long as they get along and as long as they can be fed together in the same kennel.  The boarding environment is different than at home and dogs can and will behave differently here.  We reserve the right to make any kennel assignment changes as needed.

Q: What happens in an emergency?

A: While we have many safeguards in place, working with animals does present a risk.  We are insured to provide for initial, emergency veterinarian care when something happens that we were responsible for.  If a dog gets sick or injured playing, we will contact you and do our best to provide triage care and then you can make the decision of any continued veterinarian care at your own expense.

Q: Must my dog be fixed to be boarded?

A: We don't require that pets be altered to be boarded with us, but we do understand and see the benefits of the procedure.  We absolutely CANNOT board any female pet who is in heat or who may go into heat while with us.